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Classic Barber Chairs & What They Look Like Before We Fix Them!

May 10, 2020

Barber Chairs and what they look like before we fix them - Fade Room

Here at Fade Room we are a barbershop in-store but a brand overall,

We take pride in our work and that's why we like to showcase everything we do.

Classic barber chairs? We fix those and we are here to show you what our chairs look like before we put them into the barbershop.

From the copper base, the hydraulic cylinder, chrome bolts and plaques, to leather or vinyl upholstery we revamped these chairs to a whole new level.

We've traveled all across north america to pick up some parts and piece's for these beauties, we hope you enjoy looking at these chairs.

If you want to sell your barber chair,get your chair refurbished or restored custom email us and hopefully we get make that happen.


Pictures and Video available below!

Watch Video NOW!

Koken Barber restorations at Fade Room barbershop
Barber chair refurbishing at Fade Room. Toronto, Ontario
Fade Room and Classic barber chair. Toronto, Canada
Classic barber chair parts, Fade Room Barbershop, Toronto Canada
Vintage Koken barber chair about to get fully restored by Fade Room. Toronto, Canada
Antique Koken barber chair gets fixed by Fade Room, Toronto Canada
Antique Custom barber chairs, Fade Room. Toronto Canada
Koken Barber chairs from the early 1900's era. Fade Room barbershop
Koken barber chair, cylinder. Fade Room restores barber chairs
Wooden Koken barber chair from the late 1800's era gets fixed at Fade Room. Toronto, Canada
Customize your Koken barber chair at Fade Room Toronto
Koken barber chair gets fixed up by Fade Room, Toronto Canada
Beautiful Koken barber chair, original leather. Fade Room Barbers