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Restoring, Refurbishing and Refinishing the antique barber chairs

April 12, 2020

Koken barber chairs, belmont barber chairs at Fade Room

Fade Room is a barbershop who really values the classic barber chairs, all the chairs in this barbershop are considered vintage and antiques. 

Belmont's and Koken barber chairs and the oldest and most valuable barber chairs in the north american market. 

Today refurbishing a traditional barber chair is uncommon, most barbers buy chairs that are poorly manufactured. The other half of barber chairs out there are old and beautiful but most people do not want to invest money in fixing them up. They might see the value in them or appreciate the art behind the barber chair. 

Finding an old chair is common and there not worth much today, because the price of labor of fixing and restoring the chair gets quite expensive, but once the chair is refurbished and back to working condition this is something that does not go down in value. 

We buy/restore and fix barber chairs as well, watch the video to see who is part of Fade Room and helps us work on these beautiful masterpieces. 

If you have a barber chair that you want to sell, fix or buy email us at

Koken barber chair gets refurbished by Fade Room Barbershop, email your inquiries.
Koken barber chair restorations, email your inquires we can fix it. Fade Room Toronto
Fade Room Toronto, Ontario restores classic barber chairs
Fully refurbished 1900's Koken classic barber chair - Fade Room
Fade Room restores classic barberchairs, Kokens and Belmonts, Toronto Ontario