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Ferreira Signature Line

Ferreira Signature Line | After Shave Balm

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Hydrates, protects and soothes dry, shaven skin, leaving your skin smooth and comfortable.

COOL TIP | Traditional liquid aftershaves can irritate sensitive skin. Our shave balms provide a thick coating of moisture to protect and soothe freshly shaven skin. It contains minimal fragrance and no alcohol, which means they don't sting when you apply it.



  • 120ml.
  • Moisturizer for after shaving
  • Disinfectant
  • Calms irritation that occurs after shaving
  • Helps treat bleeding from small nicks that you may have given yourself


HEMP SEED OIL | Cleans and detoxify skin, making even skin tone for a natural glow

SHEA BUTTER | Conditions tone and soothe your skin

GRAPESEED OIL | Eliminates bacteria that is deep into your pores

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