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Fade Room & Reasons Why This Barbershop Uses Slippers

April 18, 2020

Fade Room Slides, Fade Room barbershop slippers in black

Why does Fade Room Barbershop use slippers in their shop?

A lot of people are curious to ask why we ask our clients to switch into a pair of Fade Room slides when they walk into the shop, but the answer is actually very easy to explain.

There is a few reason's why we do this and some of them are because, we live in Canada and threw out a good portion of the year we see rain, and snow especially in the winter. Asking our clients to switch into a pair of slides when they walk in help's us keep our shop clean, no one likes walking into a dirty environment and this helps us keep our shop in great condition.

We are appointment based so we never have a crazy amount of people in the shop waiting for the barber. We prioritize our schedules with back to back bookings to avoid having a bunch of people in the shop waiting for a particular barber. 

Another reason why we wear the slippers is because the chairs inside of our barbershop are the first generation of hydraulic barber chairs, there from the late 1800's and early 1900's and a lot of them are made from chrome and copper. The salt , dirt and debris from outside will tarnish the chairs and make them rust really quickly. This is something we want to avoid. We want to keep our chairs in the best working condition to cater to each of our clients with the best service possible.

We clean our slides daily and on a regular basis with Lysol wipes. We also have boot covers if someone did not feel comfortable putting on the slippers for whatever reason.

Do we sell our slides/slippers?

At first we didn't but with the demand of everyone asking if we did, we almost had no choice but to put them for sale.

You can purchase them in store or online.

We sell them in White or Black.

Link is here below



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