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Ferreira Signature Line

Ferreira Signature Line | Organic Conditioner

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The ultimate conditioner for getting hair looking and feeling it’s thickest with amazing strength. Using natural conditioner treats the hair on the scalp from drying irritation and flaking. As a result, the scalp is given a chance to heal in perfect hydration creating thicker and fuller hair over time.

COOL TIP | While showering step aside while the conditioner is settling in your hair and make sure to leave it there for 1-2 minutes so the formula does not rinse away.




  • 500ml.
  • Daily conditioner and scalp treatment for complete hydration to help build healthier hair
  • Sulfate-free and parabens-free
  • Herbal extracts and oils
  • Hair and scalp treatment for complete hydration.


BIOTIN PROTEIN | Helps grow healthier and stronger hair

ALOE LEAF JUICE | Smoothens the hair cuticle and nourishes the scalp

ARGAN OIL | Provides natural shine and glowing hair. Keeps hair moisturized, prevent frizz, dryness and split ends.

JOJOBA OIL | Cleans the scalp, by dissolving buildup by unclogging the follicles and allowing a clear passageway for strands to grow

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