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Ferreira Signature Line

Ferreira Signature Line | Organic Conditioner

The ultimate conditioner for getting hair looking and feeling it’s thickest with amazing strength. Using natural conditioner treats the hair on the scalp from drying irritation and flaking. As a result, the scalp is given a chance to heal in perfect hydration creating thicker and fuller hair over time.

COOL TIP | While showering step aside while the conditioner is settling in your hair and make sure to leave it there for 1-2 minutes so the formula does not rinse away.




  • 500ml.
  • Daily conditioner and scalp treatment for complete hydration to help build healthier hair
  • Sulfate-free and parabens-free
  • Herbal extracts and oils
  • Hair and scalp treatment for complete hydration.


BIOTIN PROTEIN | Helps grow healthier and stronger hair

ALOE LEAF JUICE | Smoothens the hair cuticle and nourishes the scalp

ARGAN OIL | Provides natural shine and glowing hair. Keeps hair moisturized, prevent frizz, dryness and split ends.

JOJOBA OIL | Cleans the scalp, by dissolving buildup by unclogging the follicles and allowing a clear passageway for strands to grow

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