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We Have Ed Mirvish's Koken Barber Chair

October 12, 2023

Honest Ed's Barber chair is inside of Fade Room barbershop in Toronto, Ontario

Was Honest Ed's the world's most unique discounter store?

With funky signs and hundreds of light bulbs outside the store and signs saying quotes like "come in and get lost" or "there's no place...Like this place" there's no doubt he left a staple in Toronto's landmark.

Back in 2016 when Honest Ed's closed down. Claudio Ferreira was fortunate to get a hold of the barber chair that Mr. Mirvish used to get his haircut in.

His chair was listed for sale at an antique market, Claudio had a friend of his call him and say "Claudio, you have to go pick this chair up, this is crazy".

Over the weekend Claudio went to check out the chair and see what the hype was all about, of course Claudio instantly took the chair with him.

The chair was beautiful. Obviously it was an original "Koken barber chair". It had red leather, but it needed some work to get it back into working condition.

Fast forward a few years later, with the help of Claudio's cousin: Joe Coelho, the master mind of refurbishing and helping Claudio restore all of the barber chairs inside of Fade Room. Claudio and Joe took this chair and brought it back to life.

They restored the barber chair completely from the chrome to the upholstery. Changed the upholstery from red to black to match the Fade Room barbershop theme.

Now this chair is officially a part of Fade Room.

Picture and Video available below!

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